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Blue Light Protection - Is It Worth It?

Most of us know about protecting ourselves from UV rays, but what about blue light? It is often said that blue light from digital devices such as mobile phones and computer screens can disrupt your circadian rhythm by signaling to your brain that it is still daytime, even after dark. As a result, decreased melatonin hinders your ability to get a good night's sleep.

Most of our indoor lighting has been replaced with LED lights that are much higher intensity than lighting equipment from the past. Blue blocker anti-reflective coatings will also help with this.   


What are the drawbacks of blue blocker glasses? Zoom Meetings: Some people don't like the purple or dark blue reflection that the lenses give off and are highly noticeable on Zoom calls. Since blue blocker coatings do so well against blue light from the computer screen, the camera will pick up all the blue light deflected from the glasses. Talk about over achieving!



Vision fatigue from staring at screens can cause an array of problems, from headaches, stiff necks, and blurry eyesight.  Take care of your vision and schedule an appointment with our optometrist- your eyes will thank you!

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