Welcome to Dan Rod Eyes

With sharp, clear vision, you can enjoy the world around you so much more. At Dan Rod Eyes in Los Angeles, CA, we’re committed to helping you maintain quality sight. Our eye care services can help protect and preserve your vision at every stage of your life. From routine eye exams to prescription eyeglasses to eye surgery, you can count on our Los Angeles “optometrist near me” to meet all your eye care needs.


Who We Are

We at Dan Rod Eyes are run by Dr. Shahrokh Dayyani, a licensed optometrist with over 30 years’ experience in the optometry field. Together with our skilled optometry team, Dr. Dayyani is committed to providing quality eye care services to our local community. We understand the important role that vision plays in your everyday life. Through our personalized attention and care, we do our part to help you and your family enjoy optimal sight. If you’re looking for an optometrist near you to care for your family’s eyes, look no further than our team at Dan Rod Eyes. 
What We Do

Eyes exams are at the forefront of what we do as it enables our Los Angeles optometrist to diagnose problems with your sight. If you’re having issues with your near or distance vision, we can help determine the cause during routine eye exams. During a comprehensive eye exam, our eye doctor will check your eye health, visual clarity, eye focus and eye teaming skills to determine weak areas that need improving. Once we’ve pinpointed the cause of your visual impairment, we can prescribe corrective lenses to improve your sight.

Vision Correction

For your convenience, we offer prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses to correct visual impairments in your sight. If you desire eyeglasses, we’ll help you choose frames that enhance your appearance, match your personality and suit your lifestyle. Then we’ll match those frames with the prescription lenses you need to optimize your sight. If you prefer contact lenses, we’ll schedule a contact lens exam and fitting to help determine the contacts best suited to your visual needs. We carry both traditional soft lenses and hard to fit specialty contacts to meet our patients’ needs.

Eye Diseases

As you grow older, your vision may be threatened by eye conditions and diseases like glaucoma, macular degeneration, or diabetic retinopathy. Dr. Dayyani offers treatment to manage the symptoms of these conditions to prevent permanent vision loss.
Get Eye Exams, Eyeglasses, and Contact Lenses from an Optometrist on Our Optometry Team

To schedule eye care services with us at Dan Rod Eyes in Los Angeles, CA, give us a call at (310) 319-6122. Call us for eye exams, eyeglasses, and more from an “optometrist near me.”

Dr. S Dayyani - Optometrist - Eyeglasses VSP Provider - Eyemed Provider - Culver City - Beverly Hills - Eyecare

Meet Dr. Dayyani

Dr. Shahrokh Dayyani has 20+ years of experience in practicing Optometry . He prides himself on delivering the best treatment available. He conducts his appointments with the personalized care and attention that he would expect for his own family. Dr. Dayyani received his Doctor of Optometry degree from Pennsylvania College of Optometry in 1994.

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Dry Eye Treatment - Optase - Regener-eyes - Bruder Mask - IPL - Culver City - Beverly Hills - Dry Eye Drops - Oasis Tears Plus

Dry Eye Treatment

If you are experiencing discomfort, redness, or irritation due to dry eye, we are here to help. Our office offers dry eye treatment to help alleviate this common ocular issue.

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Do you take our insurance?

We are in network with VSP and Eyemed for routine eye exams and contact lens fittings. We will happily check your eligibility to see if your health insurance offers a vision plan that we can use

Do you take walk ins?

Booking in advanced is highly advised as appointment slots fill quickly, but feel free to call us to see if we're immediately available

Can you fill our eyeglass prescription same day?

We can fill most single vision prescriptions in 1hr. We will process all eyeglass prescriptions from our eye doctor or elsewhere

Can I order contact lenses through you?

Yes, we will help order your contacts, such as Acuvue Oasys Max, Dailies Total 1, Biofinity, Myday, Air Optix, Precision 1, and multifocal contacts

Questions? We're here to help!

  • Contact Lens Fitting and Evaluation

    includes spheric, toric (astigmatism), multifocal and monovision

  • Emergency Exams

    Infections such as Pink Eye, Red Eye

    Trauma Flashes & Floaters

    Ocular Foreign Body Removal

  • Pediatric Eye Care

    Jumpstart your child's vision care early to promote a successful journey through life and education. We book eye exams for all children.

  • Vision Therapy

    • Developmental Vision Exams
    • Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Exams
    • Sports Vision Evaluation
    • Vision Therapy and Rehabilitations
  • We Also Treat

    • Convergence Insufficiency
    • Strabismus
    • Accomodative Dysfunctions
    • Visual Process Deficiencies From Acquired Brain Injuries such as Stroke, Concussion, Impact